Some like it hot

 I love quick and healthy on-the go snacks.  But hey, sometimes you are just too busy juggling other things to whip up a fresh batch of homemade granola bars or baked apple chips. I totally get it.  With a three hour round trip commute to work on weekdays, I am quite familiar with the busy gal life.  In those cases you certainly do have options.  A piece of fruit is a sweet quick fix and most are conveniently portable – think apple, banana, or orange.  But what if you’re in the mood for something hot and spicy? 

Have you ever tried wasabi peas?  They are definitely an acquired taste, but this past month I’ve been in love (more like obsessed) with them!  I will eat them here and there.  I will eat them ANYWHERE. Do you know where this is going?  Let me stop before I get ahead. 

Since I love making my own versions of my favorite snacks, I did try to look up how to make wasabi peas, but quickly nixed that idea.  Did you know it takes approximately six hours to make a batch?  Seriously, six hours?!  Sometimes you just have to make the sacrifice and spend $3 of your hard-earned money for a quick fix.


If you haven’t yet tried Woodstock’s wasabi peas you should.  They are completely natural and vegan.  And as the package claims, they are deliciously awesome!  I always have a bag in my house or desk at work.  Snack happy and healthy!

Fixers fill up a yellow container and maybe grab a box of tissues because your eyes will be tearing…better yet, maybe half a yellow!  And enjoy 🙂



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