A bite for breakfast 

This past week I’ve been craving blueberry muffins, which is odd for me because I usually try to stay away from ALL THINGS blueberry flavored – pancakes, muffins, yogurt, etc. But as I was browsing Pinterest I saw a recipe for “The BEST Blueberry Muffins EVER” and, naturally, just had to try them out. And, of course, I made it my own, healthier version.

While I can’t say that I’ve been recruited as a blueberry fan, these were extremely easy (and quick) to make. So, blueberry lovers, rejoice! If you have 25 minutes, a bowl, and some fresh blueberries, you are more than halfway there.

This morning as I was excitedly dancing around the kitchen, humming like a worker bee, I nearly had a panic attack. I ran through the ingredients in my head: Greek yogurt – check; eggs – I have at least two; baking soda – oh God, I threw that out before the move.

Let’s go back a week. I was packing for a big move across town, excited for a new kitchen and baking galore! In my haste to clean out the old kitchen I trashed all the open ingredients in my cabinet with the hopes of replacing them as soon as I was all settled in. But I didn’t quite get to that yet. And that leads me to…baking soda. A staple. How could I have thrown out such a baking staple?

I double checked the recipe – baking powder. Phew, I still have that. Moving on. Blueberries, milk, yogurt, (1) egg, sugar, flour, baking POWDER, vanilla, apple sauce, sea salt. Okay, I got this. 

Whether you make them healthy, or not, might I recommend serving warm with a bit of butter or fresh cream? So delish. The perfect light breakfast or snack. Also a good pair with afternoon tea. 

 Happy baking!

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