All “tea’d” out 

  What is a teatox? 

The Internet and social media will have you believe that it is a miracle drink (without laxatives, sometimes) that helps you to lose the bloat, get a clear skin, improve your mood, and slim down in just 14-28 days. If it sounds too good to be true, I think you’re right, but I still had to try it out for myself.

I did a lot of research and contemplating before I finally bought a Tiny Tea Teatox from Your Tea. Every sight promised I would love their drink – but none offered a money back or satisfaction guarantee. Why? Each body is different and, therefore, might react differently (or not at all) to the tox.

Okay, while $35 is a lot for a 14-day supply of tea, if it worked, I would be a little slimmer and a lot happier. I also justified the purchase of a new (and super awesome!) mug – spend over $50 get free shipping, of course.

When the package arrived I think I was more excited about the container that held the mug than anything else. I love Halloween and Dia de los Muertos so I find Mexican Sugar Skulls to be really cool.

Anyway, after reading the instructions, the main points are as follows:

  •  Drink three cups of tea a day, 30 minutes before or after meals (preferably before)
  • Do not drink with food
  • Do not add sugar or sweeteners
  • Does not have a laxative effect

My first impression: the “great-tasting” tea tasted highly medicinal and I didn’t want to continue drinking three cups a day for two whole weeks.

After about two days the tea became tolerable, but not enjoyable – this coming from a girl who loves any kind of tea without sugar. I really had to drink it fast to just get it out of the way.

After the first week I didn’t notice any loose-fitting jeans, I still had breakouts, was kind of cranky, and I felt heavy. I continued to drink the tea, hoping that the magical effects would start kicking in any day, but they didn’t.

On day 14 I felt just as crappy as and a lot less hopeful than I did on day one. I spent two weeks drinking a subpar tea that, if anything, made me feel more bloated, more moody, and gave me acne. 

Looking back I wonder if there was something in the tea that I was allergic too – it wouldn’t be a surprise to me, actually. But overall, the teatox was a negative experience. And in my opinion, a fad that will eventually play itself out. 

Would I do another one? No. Would I recommend one? No. But I won’t stop anyone from trying. Sometimes you just have to see for yourself.  

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