Wine not?

I want to be the girl who keeps wine in her fridge. The one who can pull out a perfectly chilled bottle to celebrate a surprise occasion or pour a glass in the evening to have with dinner. I’d like to be a sophisticated connoisseur who knows all about tannins, aging, and pairing with food. One of those swirl and swish gals that properly holds the stem and knows how to breathe in the scent.

There’s just one snag: I don’t like wine. Well, not unless it’s really sweet and light and tastes similar to grape juice. Grape juice. I like grape juice.

I’ve only come across two bottles that fit the above description: Electra Moscato (which retails for the dangerously low price of $15) and a fancier and higher alcohol content one bottled and sold in Peru. Both are splendidly sweet and satisfying.

Recently, though, I came across a recipe for wine gummies. Now those I had to try…because yum! It called for only four ingredients: wine, gelatin, sweetener, and maple syrup (also used to sweeten). That last one is a little wacky and I don’t like the taste of maple, so I was able to toss that one right away. Since the wine I use is already sweet I narrowed the ingredients down to two: wine and gelatin.

For my version, if you are using very sweet or dessert wine, use the ratio of 1:4* (one cup of wine to four tablespoons of gelatin) and omit the sugar. Combine the wine and gelatin in a small sauce pan on very low heat. Whisk until completely dissolved and mixture is warmed, but not boiling. It will be watery, not thick. Don’t worry, though, the gummies will completely set in about an hour.

I use plastic squeeze bottles to fill silicon molds with the gummy mixture. You can get both from Amazon and there are endless shapes and size molds to choose from. I’ve used a bear mold this time.

Once set, the gummies can be popped out and eaten (my preferred choice) or stored in an airtight container in a cool area for about a week.

Mark my words: if you bring these gummies to your next holiday party, you will be everyone’s new bff. They are quick to make and will disappear just as fast.

*Note: You need about 5 packets of gelatin to equal four tablespoons, but always measure to be sure. If you have made non-alcoholic gummies before, this may seem like a lot. The difference is the stove temperature. With regular gummies using water, corn syrup, flavored and unflavored gelatin, you will boil the mixture until it becomes a thick candy. If you boil the wine, you will also boil down the alcohol – and what’s the fun in that?


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