Drink coffee and lose weight?

I’m an afternoon coffee-breaker.  I usually drink about a cup a day, around 2pm.  I know, so habitual.   But only on the weekdays because, gasp, I don’t have a coffee pot!

A couple of weeks ago a coworker introduced me to Leaner Creamer.  She said “I just tried something you would probably love.  Leaner Creamer.  Look it up.”  And so I did.

What is it?  A (very low calorie) dairy-free and all natural coffee creamer with a hint of vanilla.

How does it work?  The product claims to suppress appetite and promote weight loss with the use of its all natural ingredients including:  coconut oil, Citrus Aurantium Extract, Hoodia, and Green Tea Extract.

What does it taste like?  Honestly, just like the company says it does:  creamy with a hint of vanilla.  I didn’t especially enjoy my first cup – dairy free is no half & half.  So, that is one thing to get used to – it’s not milk and it doesn’t taste like milk.  But it has since become a staple during my weekdays and I wouldn’t go back to using milk again.

How much is it?  $19.95 for a one-time purchase; $17.96 for a recurring order.

Is it worth it?  Totally.  At first I was unsure about spending about $20 (not including shipping) for a fad product that claimed to help me lose weight.  But, you know what?  That’s not why I bought it.  If nothing else, I would be buying a nice and healthy dairy-free coffee creamer to use.  Because, seriously, do you know what’s in a lot of store-bought creamers?  I was pleasantly surprised when the bottle arrived and said it contained about 112 servings.  Well, gee, that will last me about four months!

Does it really help suppress appetite and promote weight loss?  Cravings yes.  My mornings are reserved for protein shakes and lots and lots of water.  On a good day I can go from breakfast to lunch without a snack in between, but after lunch I get a mean case of the munchies.  Since I switched to using Leaner Creamer in my coffee I can go all afternoon without a snack.  A coffee break at 2pm will hold me until dinner around 6pm.  I’m still impressed because I’m ALWAYS hungry.  I haven’t seen any weight loss yet, but again, that’s not why I bought the product.

Bottom Line:  I would and have recommended Leaner Creamer to a friend.  I think you should, at the very least, try a bottle or sample pack.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You might be pleasantly surprised.


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