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It’s like Christmas when I go home and find my Plated delivery waiting outside my door.  I love opening up the box and lining up all of the fresh ingredients against my recipe cards.  Just checking inventory…

I started out with another food delivery service, and wasn’t initially impressed with Plated, but I gave it another shot and I’m glad I did.  They’ve really revamped their process, menus, and website.  Plated is now my go-to company.

You would not believe how much easier a delivery service makes it for a working girl.  I am the queen of forgetfulness so I almost always remember to take the food out of the freezer when I’m at work and checking my emails in the morning.  Not helpful.  I’m not a fan of microwave defrosting – I mean, in a pinch, sure, but not every day.

Let’s start from the top.  You might be wondering what a food delivery service is.

In a nutshell, it’s a company that delivers (presumably) healthy recipes and pre-portioned/measured ingredients right to your door on a schedule that you determine.  The recipes are usually hand selected by a group of chefs, take around 25-45 minutes to make, and feature hard-to-find seasonal ingredients.  Skip the lines at the grocery store and the extra food that goes to waste.  With recipes that make just two servings, you won’t have any left to throw away.  And if you live alone it’s perfect for lunch or dinner the next day.  Money saved!

Plated, one such company, is fully customizable to your taste and schedule preferences.

Let me break it down for you.

Meal Plans & Delivery

They are on the pricy side, charging about $12 per plate, which is still fair when compared to what most restaurants charge for similar meals.  Delivery over $50 is free.

          Plans & Rates

  • 2 Dinners for 2 – $48/week +6 shipping
  • 3 Dinners for 2 – $72/week (my current plan)
  • 4 Dinners for 2 – $96/week
  • 5 Dinners for 2 – 120/week
  • 6 Dinners for 2 – $144/week
  • 7 Dinners for 2 – $168/week

Looking for a family plan?  Select more than one of the same recipe to have enough to feed extra members!

You can have your food delivered on Tuesdays or Fridays and can skip a week without being charged.  (Just be sure to select this option online!)

Taste Profile

Easily select foods you DON’T want to see in your box, e.g. fish.  This is super helpful in case you forget to customize your box.  Plated will still deliver your meals, but they get to pick.  So if your taste profile says “No, don’t send me fish!” they won’t.  Easy peasy.

Meal Selections

You are given a choice of 7 creative and perfectly-portioned meals (the number will depend on your plan) to include in your delivery and can change your mind up until 1 week before your scheduled delivery date.  You can also view menus 3-4 weeks in advance!

You have the option of adding 1-2 specialty meals to your box.  These might cost an additional $12-30, but include dishes such as Duck Confit Tacos with Pomegranate and Citrus salad.  Yum!

And what’s really cool is the desert option.  You can add 1-2 featured desserts per box ($8; serves 2).  Past desserts have included classic blondies with chocolate chips and apple-cherry cobbler with flaky biscuit.  Is your mouth watering yet?

Box History

This is a cool feature that stores your recipes from the beginning of time.  So if you lose one (or happen to pour sauce on a recipe card) you can go online and view or print a pdf.  They also store PDFs of deliveries you cancel.  How awesome?

Send a Box

Make use of this feature if you can.  Once you order a few meals, Plated gives you free subscriptions that you can gift to friends and family.  They have to sign up for the service, but their first box is FREE and they can cancel ANYTIME so they are under no obligations to pay out a dime!


Their support team is great.  I once cancelled a delivery and the service credited my Plated account instead of refunding the money to my bank account.  I called and in less than 5 minutes they were able switch the refund.

Overall I think Plated is a great service to have.  The ingredients are always fresh and fun and the recipes are very easy to follow.  I’ve even started my own recipe binder.  TIP:  I like to put the recipe cards in plastic sheet protectors as soon as they arrive so I don’t have to worry about spills (like that one-time sauce mess)!

Try it and see if you like it.  The best part?  You get a free dinner for two when you first sign up.*  Score!

(*Free dinners cannot be combined with the gift subscription!!)

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