Is it Valentine’s Day?

Ginger Dead Men

It’s not that I’m anti-Valentine’s Day, but I don’t really celebrate it like typical girl.  I mean, aren’t we supposed to love each other every day of the year?

Well, this year I do have something to celebrate because the holiday falls on one of my favorite days of the year: the return of The Walking Dead!

So while others are out with their significant others having romantic dinners and gushing over champagne and four course dinners, my love and I plan to chow down on Chinese food and await our favorite show.

But we can’t forget about dessert – that’s my favorite part of every dinner.  Chocolate-covered strawberries are a MUST because yum!  (A HUGE thank you to my mom for the pretty and delicious ones she bought for me!)

chocolate covered straw

And, appropriate for the day:  Ginger Dead Men!

Fred & Friends has this really cool cookie cutter / stamper that I just had to have.  It makes large 5 ½” cookies (seen above) that you first cut out with one side and stamp with the other.  So cute and fun and right up my alley.  Perfect for Halloween or your Valentine’s Day zombie party.

The cutter comes with a recipe to use, as well as instructions for making the perfect impression.  It can be a little challenging if your dough is soft, so I like to cut out all of the cookies first, flash freeze them for five minutes, and then stamp.  Works like a charm.

You can also use your favorite recipe – gingerbread or not – as long as it works for cut-outs.

This time around I used a light gingerbread recipe I found that called for golden syrup, light brown sugar and ground ginger.  They came out pretty tasty and I’m not even a fan of gingerbread!

Pipe on the bones with your favorite royal icing and you’re done.

Okay – I had to take it a step further and break off some heads, hands, and feet.  AND add some blood spurts, because, well, they are zombies after all.

Cheers to some yummy treats and a good episode (and, if I must say it, Happy Valentine’s Day)!

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