Treat Yourself

If one of your dreams is to eat pre-made cookie dough right out of the package, look no further. If it’s not…wait, who am I kidding?? It is, right? I can’t be the only one…

Last month I went to a chocolate expo at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT.  While it wasn’t entirely enjoyable due to the multitude of people (and strollers), I was able to snag a few yummy samples.

One of these was gluten free/vegan peanut butter, chocolate, banana ready to eat cookie dough.  Delicious!  I grabbed a postcard off the display table and tucked it in my purse, thinking that I would blog about the expo.  Well, it didn’t live up to my high expectations – I was seriously bummed.  But, a week later I took out the ad and pulled up the cookie dough website. Score!

These little desserts are called Unbakeables and are made by a small company in Connecticut called Whipped Up.  The snacks are all natural, egg free, come in 8 varieties including one gluten free/vegan, and are ready to eat straight from the freezer.

DO NOT bake them, they will melt, burn, and ruin your day.  Hence the name.

At around 150 calories a pop, they are the perfect little treat when you are craving something sweet.  Store them right in the freezer and eat with no need to heat.  (You can let them thaw a bit, but I like to skip the wait.). My boyfriend and I call them dessert.  Because just one after dinner can’t hurt, right?

The Unbakeables come in packs of 3 and 10.  It’s $5 for 3, $15 for 10.  But, you can take advantage of a couple online specials:

  • Boxed Set:  20% off 10-pack tubes when you order 5; that’s 5 tubes for the price of 4!
  • Sampler Pack:  Buy a 10-pack tube and a 3-pack tube and the company will include 4 singles of other flavors to try.  A pretty good deal!

What isn’t so pretty is the price for shipping and handling:  $15 to send to NY.  Yikes!  Granted, the treats have to be sent with ice packs and the package arrived within two days, but I still see it as a bit steep.  Those who live in Connecticut will have the benefit of buying Unbakeables in local stores.  Check their website for all locations.

My favorite flavor:  Peanut Butter Dough topped with Crunchy Milk Chocolate.  It can only be described as Heaven in a small bite!

My boyfriend’s:  Gluten Free/Vegan Peanut Butter Dough topped with Chocolate Covered Banana.  Shhh, he doesn’t know its vegan!!

Try one or try them all, but don’t feel guilty about it.

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