Refresh Yourself

Beachbody advertises the 3-Day Refresh as a quick way to lose a few pounds or kickstart new habits.  For me, it was a combination of both:  an attempt to break through my weight loss plateau and recommit to healthier eating.

I did A LOT of research on the program before I bought it.  I read every Beachbody ad and blog post I could find, reviews on Amazon and, asked friends who tried it, and turned to Pinterest for guidance and support.  Some had amazing results with 9-10 pounds of fat blasted off, some didn’t have any loss at all, and some gained it back and then some within weeks after.  I knew that I would just have to make the investment and try it for myself.  At the very worst, if it didn’t work I would get my money back (less shipping and handling).  How could I not?

I’ll first explain everything I can about the program and follow it up with a 100% unbiased review of my experience.  Let’s go!

Cost (does not include S&H):

  • Program with Shakeology – $69.95; Coach Price -$52.46
  • Program without Shakeology – $59.95; Coach Price – $52.46
  • Program with 30-Day Shakeology Supply – $140.00

A few things to consider:

  • The duration of the program is 3 days, as the name implies. But I’m going to suggest that you budget for 4. Why? Because you need one day to read through your booklet, plan your meals, get your groceries, and prep. Remember, a good plan will almost always lead to success.
  • Unlike other fitness programs, Beachbody recommends starting the 3-Day on a Friday so you have at least 2 full days without work, school, or other distractions. I’m going to suggest NOT doing it on the weekend. It’s really hard to stay committed to the program when you are used to going out or eating out on the weekends. 3 days during the week = no big deal.
  • You CAN workout while doing the 3-Day (Mild to Moderate), but you will most likely be tired ALL day.
  • The program is 3 full days without meat and dairy.
  • You can use any flavor Shakeology, but for maximum results, Beachbody recommends using one of the vegan flavors (Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry).
  • You will be drinking A LOT of filtered water – get yourself 4-5 gallons (1 gallon a day plus additional for shakes and fiber sweep).

The Day Before

  • Read the booklet twice or three times, if it helps – familiarize yourself with the program
  • Choose your snacks, lunches, and dinners
  • Get your groceries
  • Meal prep for the 3 days
  • Weigh yourself and take measurements before bed

Days 1-3

  • Start your day with a cold glass of water (8-10oz)
  • Drink half of your weight in water throughout the day (e.g. if you are 126lbs, you will need to drink 63oz of water)
  • Drink your vegan Shakeology with 10oz of water and ice (optional) and eat a piece of fruit (fruit can also be blended with your shake)
  • Mid-Morning – drink Fiber Sweep with 8oz very cold water (it will mix better)
  • Lunch – Vanilla Fresh Shake, fruit, veggie & healthy fat
  • Afternoon Snack – veggie & healthy fat
  • Dinner – Vanilla Fresh Shake & Dinner Recipe Option

Here’s where I started:

First, I would describe my body type as semi-petite.  I’m 5’4” and weigh around 126 pounds (I put on a few pounds of muscle [I hope] with Hammer & Chisel).  I’ve never been fat; the highest I’ve ever been was in high school – 138.  But my ideal number is around 115, which I can’t seem to touch again.  The “stubborn” weight I have is in my love handles and thighs.  I hate them.  I’ll blame it on my Italian great grandma, who I never met, but was told passed on her “LaRegina Hips” to every unfortunate gal that came after her.

Here’s what I ate:

I kept it simple this first time – same menu for all three days (this was also budget friendly).

  • Breakfast: Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with filtered water & 6 strawberries and ½ kiwi (on the side)
  • Lunch: Vanilla Fresh Shake & Salad (½ pear, 2tbsp avocado, 1 baby cucumber, ½ tomato, juice of ½ lime, Himalayan salt)
  • Afternoon Snack: 1 baby cucumber, ½ tomato, ½ tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • Dinner: Veggie Stir Fry (½ cup sliced red pepper, ½ cup sliced carrots, ½ cup green beans, ½ tsp extra virgin olive oil, ½ clove garlic, ½ tsp grated ginger, and a sprinkle of sea salt)

Here’s how I felt:

Day 1

  • I was really hungry after doing my morning work out because I didn’t eat a big dinner the night before. But after I got to work and drank my shake/ate my fruit, I was feeling better.
  • I was so scared about the Fiber Sweep because I’ve heard very negative things. It wasn’t bad – at all! It has a light citrus flavor and is a bit on the thick side – kind of like a watery, gritty Jell-O. Totally drinkable (at least 3 times)! [Note: I did feel a bit nauseous a few minutes after drinking it, but that subsided fairly quickly.]
  • At 11:30am I started to feel hungry so drank more water and was able to make it until 12pm (barely!). The Vanilla Fresh is actually pretty tasty. I usually don’t like anything vanilla flavored, outside of ice cream and coffee. Pretty smooth and also drinkable. I wish you could purchase this vegan flavor on its own.
  • I had my afternoon snack around 2:30pm. I tried to hold out until 3pm, but it wasn’t happening.
  • When I came home around 5pm I started to get really busy so I wouldn’t think about eating.  I held out until 7pm, at which time I ate my stir fry and drank my shake. Yum! I have to say, those veggies are going to become a staple in my dinner menu – but maybe with some chicken and rice!
  • At about 9:30pm I was ravenous. It was like I hadn’t eaten in days! I drank some more water and pushed through. After I finally fell asleep I had terrible and crazy dreams for most of the night.

Day 2

  • Ah Saturday. I slept in a bit (figured that would help with the hunger) and woke up around 9 to make my shake.
  • It was easier to down the fiber on Day 2 – not that was hard the first day, but I didn’t dread it. And it didn’t make me feel sick!
  • Lunch was HARD because I took a trip to Danbury and wolfed down my salad / shake in the car before going to the mall and watching my boyfriend down a Philly cheesesteak with fries.
  • The drive back was better and I ate my afternoon snack when I got home. Decided to go grocery shopping on a “full” stomach. I prep for the coming week EVERY weekend so I couldn’t take a break from that. It actually wasn’t bad. I bought healthy food and snacks and (mostly) stuck to my list.
  • I was able to hold out on dinner until 8pm and then watched a movie and went to bed. Solid Day 2.

Day 3

  • Home stretch! Well, I woke up not wanting to eat. This is an absolute FIRST for me. I decided to pack my breakfast and go thrift shopping. I drove around a bit and was finally hungry at 11am. This messed up my schedule a bit and is another reason why I am against doing the 3-Day on the weekend:  I have a more rigid weekday schedule. 
  • Lunch was great – I really cherished it. And I also did my meal prepping for the week while I was “full.” Made some egg salad, meatballs, corn casserole, shredded chicken, dark chocolate sea salt scones, and skinny cannoli dip! Portioned out my fruit and veggies. All set!
  • I ate my snack mid-baking. I wasn’t really hungry, but I was a bit tempted to take a spoonful of egg salad!
  • I told my boyfriend I would make him a meatball parm sandwich for dinner and said it without crying. Success! I heated up my veggies and doused them in chili powder (I love spicy). Staying strong until the very end. TONIGHT!!!

Here’s my final opinion:

All that being said, I lost 1.3 pounds and 2 inches.  I wanted to be able to give you a drumroll and say that everyone MUST buy this Refresh, but I can’t.  What I CAN say though, is that this is a great way to jumpstart healthy eating and learn how to portion control.  Because I already do both fairly well, I didn’t physically see that much of a difference.  I did, however, feel better – most likely due to the absence of dairy (I’m lactose intolerant).

I learned that I can be more creative with my veggies and I plan on using the recipes in the future.  I also learned that I need to add more exercise into my routine to balance out the calories I will intake AFTER the refresh – I don’t want to undo my little progress.  Actually, I want to see more.  It’s all about balance. 

But, just because the 3-Day Refresh didn’t really work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.  Our bodies are different, we eat different foods, and our activity levels vary too.

If you’re interested in giving the 3-Day a try and you need help, I’m your girl! I’m 100% committed to supporting and mentoring people to dining their healthy center, hence my blog! I can work one on one with you, and answer any questions you might have along the way. Please reach out if you feel that my guidance may just be the thing to push you to success and we can start to chat about it!

Remember that 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. What have you got to lose?


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