Farm Fresh

This photo, logo, and trademark is the property of Field Goods.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to get a bag of produce delivered.  (And I’m sure my coworkers could say the same – we were comparing bags, sharing food, and talking about the delivery for part of the morning.)  Seriously, these subscription bags and boxes have me hooked!

What is Field Goods?

A company that delivers fresh food from small farms right to your office break room or local community center.  All produce is grown on small farms, is non-GMO, and mostly organic.  Food is seasonal, so you will get fun fruits and veggies tailored to winter, spring, summer, and fall crops. Each item is categorized for easy identification (organic, etc.) and you are even told which farm they came from. How cool is that?

Who can get deliveries?

Field Goods delivers to eastern New York, Western Connecticut and Massachusetts, and Northern New Jersey.  If your company or community center doesn’t offer the service, you can always ask!

What are the subscription options?

Your subscription is fully customizable to your needs.  There is NO COMMITMENT.  Each week you’ll receive 5-8 different items, with larger bags receiving larger quantities.  If you want more you can add fresh local cheese, bread, pasta, herbs, and more.  Put your subscription on hold if you need to – accessing and managing your online account couldn’t be easier.

Bag Sizes:

  • Single: 1 person, $16/week
  • Small: 1-2 people, $21/week (I got this size and it was HUGE!!)
  • Standard: 2-3 people, $27/week
  • Family: 3-5 people, $32/week

Each Friday a weekly “In the Bag” email and newsletter is sent out that includes the next week’s produce and corresponding recipes.  More tips and recipes can also be found on the Field Goods website.

You can also add free $5 coupons to your bag to share with a friend for their first order.  If you like the service spread the love!


What forms of payment are accepted?

Credit, debit, and ACH (preferred).

Wellness First

Field Goods is founded on the idea that they are helping others to eat better. They even have a wellness program called Beet Camp, offered to companies to get employees interested in better health.  The 10-week program calls for employee engagement, demonstrates employer support, and fosters a healthy eating environment.

Go Green

Be sure to return your bags and insulated packets to the delivery location and Field Goods will pick them up.  The company is ALL about reducing, reusing, and recycling!

Today’s delivery included frozen green beans, frozen sweet corn, pinto beans, fingerling sweet potatoes, parsnips, empire apples, red onions, and focaccia bread from Bread Alone.  (Side note: I made a kick-ass pizza out of the focaccia tonight!)

This is a small bag – I couldn’t believe it!

Bottom Line: Try it.  You will receive items that you might not think of buying or trying otherwise, so it’s a great opportunity to branch out.


*The Field Goods name and logo is the sole property of Field Goods.  The company is not affiliated or associated with this post or blog in any way.  The company has not approved any of the content of this post.

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