Ramp it up

Before it was Disney-fied (think Tangled), Rapunzel was a stone cold, chilling story about witch, a girl locked away in a tower, and a prince destined to rescue her.

There was something about that fairy tale that made me want to listen to it over and over, every night.

Maybe it was picturing the tall tower and the braid of blonde hair that was used as a ladder for the evil witch. Ouch.

Maybe it was hearing how the prince was blinded by the thorn bush. Ouch again.

Or maybe it was because I wanted to try the same rampion that mesmerized Rapunzel’s mother. I mean, would you really promise your unborn child to a witch in exchange for all of the food you could eat?

I think Stephen King got it right when he said some fairy tales are scarier than what he writes. 

Thus began my thirst for tales of terror, and my desire to try new foods that could be as tantalizing as rampion. I mean, I would probably trade in my first born child for the last package of Sour Patch Kids on the planet, but I digress.

It would be an understatement to say that I was thrilled when Field Goods announced that they would be featuring rampion in their next delivery. At last – I’m able to taste the forbidden fruit! (Vegetable, really.)

And the verdict is…they taste like onions. Strong, spicy onions. 

So why are people (like Rapunzel’s mother) so obsessed with these ramps? They’re scarce, take a bajillion (well, 4) years to mature, and are highly seasonal – meaning you can only find them for a few weeks during the spring, and after that you are SOL.

For some strange reason people assume that “limited amount” translates to “buy up the supply.” (Think about the gas shortage of 2015. Good God, people.)

Find ’em, try ’em, and see for yourself. Hype or not? But farmer’s market-goers beware: people will fight over ramps like they’re the last PS4 in Walmart on Black Friday.

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