Snippet: Rhubarb Goodness

Rhubarb is fun, versatile, and a bit intimidating. I never really imagined cooking with it up until a few days ago. Ever since I heard that you had to “be careful” when preparing the plant, I thought it was on the same level as a Japanese Blowfish – perilous and oh so poisonous. It turns out that you just can’t eat the leaves, but the stalks are all things good!

I bought a bunch last week and in my search for recipes, came across an entire website dedicated to the vegetable: The Rhubarb Compendium

You can make breads, salads, cakes, sauces, muffins, jams, candies, and SO MUCH MORE! I highly recommend checking out this site, if for nothing else, to become more educated with rhubarb facts and information to impress your friends. 

Yesterday I had the fabulous idea of topping a cream cheese frosted chocolate cupcake with candied rhubarb (just toss 1/4″ slices in sugar, bake in a buttered dish for 30 mins, and let cool – see pic above). It was deliciously sweet and tart. 

Try this recipe or create your own, but don’t pass up this super yummy veggie!

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