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In the last month I’ve been approached by “global entrepreneurs” on LinkedIn asking me to join them in selling Rodan+Fields products. You know the company, right? Does Proactiv ring a bell? Each time I’ve said “no thanks,” for no other reason than I don’t believe in the products.

I can see before and after pictures, I can hear the success stories and testimonials, but I cant justify or endorse putting harsh chemicals, most of which I can’t even pronounce, on anyone’s skin.

Before you call me a skeptic, hear me out and know that this isn’t a bashing post or a rant. Its about finding products that nourish your skin from the inside out and I hope my experience can help you!

When I was younger I thought my teenage acne meant I had “bad” skin. I religiously used Proactiv’s 3-step system to clear my breakouts and give me confidence. I would literally wait on the doorstep for Dave (the UPS guy) to bring me my auto-ship supply. All it did was burn and dry my face so badly that it actually cracked when I smiled. Not pretty. The stuff was intense – in a bad way.

Now, I can’t speak to or about the products that Rodan+Fields now offers because I haven’t tried them. But, I can say that the ingredients list is full of items I wouldn’t even use to clean my car, let alone my face. The systems are expensive and I’m not courageous enough to see if they are worth it.

On the contrary, if you’ve read my previous posts, you know I’m a huge fan of Lush, the cosmetic company that uses all-natural, vegetarian products that are cruelty free (never tested on animals). If you haven’t read Snacks for Your Skin or Part Deux, check them out!

Anyway, I recently spent about 45 minutes in the Danbury Lush and had an awesome experience. The employee sat me down, asked a bunch of questions to help me find the right products (Is your skin more oily, dry, or both? What are some of the things you want to change?) and developed a new skincare regimen for me right on the spot!

I tested all of the products before buying and received generous samples of the ones I wasn’t 100% sold on. I walked away with a bag of goodies (see above), 5 generous samples, and a free fresh face mask (for returning 5 empty pots).

The products are a bit pricy, but they last 2-3 months. A small amount goes a very long way. AND you can even return them if they aren’t a good match or they irritate your skin.

I have several favorite products, and my new regimen incorporates different ones to help rosacea, minimize shine, and even out skin tone – all so that I can feel much more confident in bare skin. And the best part? I can feel good about the natural ingredients such as fresh dove orchid extract and rose water.

New Skincare Regimen (Total – $108.70 for 2-3 months)


  • Let the Good Times Roll (fav)- cleanser (3.5 oz, $12.95)
  • Grease Lightning – tea tree cleanser (1.5 oz, $14.95)
  • Vanishing Cream – moisturizer (1.5 oz, $44.95)


  • 9 to 5 – (the lazy girl’s) cleansing lotion (3.3 oz, $10.95)
  • Eau Roma Water – toner (3.3 oz, $10.95)
  • Vanishing Cream – moisturizer (1.5 oz, $44.95)

2 – 3x a Week

  • Mask of Magnaminty (fav) – face and body mask (4.4 oz, $13.95)
  • Don’t Look at Me (fav) – fresh face mask (2.1 oz, $10.95)

If you must wear makeup, I highly recommend blending a color supplement (a light – medium foundation) with a little moisturizer, and finishing up with Feeling Younger highlighter.

Remember, it doesn’t have to burn your skin to mean its working. Lush is one of the luxuries I afford myself every couple of months when I stock up. I fully believe in their products, ingredients, and mission.

I hope you give them a try! Happy Lushing ❤



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