The Baby Vanishes

You know you’re a 90s baby when you see a tub of vanishing cream and automatically think about the Rugrats. (Okay, 80s, but does December ’89 really count?) Remember the episode where Angelica gets the babies to cover her in the blue goop (vanishing cream) and starts stealing snacks and behaving badly thinking she’s invisible?

Well, Lush’s product won’t make you disappear, but it will do wonders on troubled skin. 

I was seriously amazed, albeit skeptical, the first time I used this cream. Lush promises this to be their lightest blend, but it felt pretty heavy when I dabbed a bit on my finger. It was also thick when applied. But then it just…vanished. My face felt smooth and the cream was extremely light, not greasy. 

Ingredients include rose water (to calm), witch hazel (an astringent), and lavender oil (to soothe). 

This moisturizer was designed for blemished or oily skin. As recommend, I use this in combination with Grease Lightning (cleanser) which combats breakouts and controls oil. 

This little pot (1.5 oz) goes for $44.95, but a little goes a looooong way. After just one use, you will be yelling “shut up and take my money!”

Not convinced? Request a free sample in store.

Check out for more info, product reviews, a complete inventory list, and just a damn good site. 

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