Snippet: Amaranth – green or grain?

Perhaps a more appropriate title would have been Amaranth – friend or foe? Either way, it’s both. 

It took a bit of research to get to the bottom of things, but here’s the explanation:

  • Amaranth is a leaf vegetable that is nutritiously similar to spinach or Swiss chard. Full of calcium, niacin, carotene, Vitamin C, and more. The plant is pretty too (see above). Verdict – Paleo Friendly
  • To be precise, amaranth isn’t a grain, it’s a seed produced by the flowering part of the plant. And those little seeds are packed with potassium, Vitamins B and E, zinc, and protein. But, it’s also carb-dense and can be found in forms such as flour and cereal. Verdict – Not Paleo 

I’ve only tried the leaves – sauté them just like Spanish with some garlic and olive oil. Highly recommended – both for taste and nutrition value. 

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