Let’s get wild!

I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to trying new foods that claim to be both healthy and great tasting. My taste buds get fooled a lot. I once tried a meatless jerky, which literally looked like a coffee-stained paper towel. How did it taste? Just wrong.

You won’t find any of that weirdness with Wild Zora. The meat and veggie bar is made with 100% real food, including about a serving of certified-organic vegetables. Beef is grass fed, turkey is free-range, and lamb is 100% all-natural. The product is allergen-friendly and doesn’t include any chemical additives or sugar. It also has the Whole30 stamp of approval (on products not containing cheese).

Wild Zora promises a “great taste” and I have to say – I completely agree! I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first bite. This is NOT your typical store-bought jerky – it is soft and easy to chew and has a rich texture. The flavor of the Chili Beef with kale, cayenne, and apricot is savory, spicy, and slightly (naturally) sweet. A moment of pleasure for the senses.

This high-protein snack is perfect to bring hiking, traveling, or when you’re in a hurry.
My order came with a pretty awesome product information card that shares some of the highlights of the meat and veggie bar AND a sticker that I can add to my collection. I LOVE stickers!

For more product information and to order, visit wildzora.com

Happy Snacking!

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