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Just as the name suggests, 22 Minute Hard Corps is hella hard. This Beachbody workout is for you if you normally “eat your Wheaties,” are accustom to military type workouts, and/or like being subjected to a lot of yelling and intense pain. If you’re a beginner or don’t really enjoy high-intensity/physically demanding workouts, I’d suggest going a different route. Perhaps 21 Day Fix EXTREME, which is not really as extreme as is implied.

This program lasts 8 weeks with a rest day on Sunday to give your body a break and allow time for meal prep – so technically it’s only 48 days, which sounds a lot better. If you’re truly a beast (in a good way, of course) there is an optional Hell Week Challenge: 7 days of 2-3 workouts per day.

What’s enticing about this program is the idea of a short workout that gives you BIG results. But really, I’d be lying if I said this program is a strict 22 minutes. Beachbody got a little clever (and deceiving) with the marketing here. I’ll explain the breakdown under “The Workouts” below, but on most days you will end up working out for over 30 minutes. Not cool, guys.


  • 22 Minute Hard Corps DVD Package – $39.90 + s&h
  • 22 Minute Hard Corps Deluxe DVD Package – $79.80 + s&h
  • 22 Minute Hard Corps & Shakeology – $140 + s&h
  • 22 Minute Hard Corps and Beachbody Performance Pack – $140 + s&h

Before You Begin

Make sure to track your results! Take measurements, weigh yourself, and figure out your container breakdown (more details under “Nutrition”).

Take your PT Fit Test, which includes exercises such as push-ups and squat thrusts. You’ll be re-testing after weeks 4 and 8 with the idea that you get stronger and can do more reps as you progress.

One important note: if you plan on using the included sandbag instead of weights, fill it the weekend before you begin. Sand is pretty cheap – for under $5 you can get yourself a 50lb bag at Home Depot or Lowes. My challenge was figuring out what to do with the remaining 25-30lbs, but if you have a child with a sandbox, problem solved!


Start each day off right – with breakfast. This can be a shake or another healthier option like sweet potato hash and eggs.

Eat small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. The program comes with a recipe booklet for dishes such as Huevos Rancheros and Quinoa Shrimp Cocktail.

I love that the newer Beachbody programs all use the same container breakdowns. It makes it super easy to stay on top of your nutrition as you move through the programs. Use a simple formula to figure out how many of each container you get per day. Mine are: 4Red (protein), 3Green (veggies), 2Purple (fruits), 2Yellow (carbs), 1Blue (healthy fats), 1Orange (nuts and seeds), and 2Teaspoons (oils). This turns out to be plenty of food, but if you’re still hungry, and a glass of water doesn’t do the trick, add another green or red. This plan can also be designed around a vegetarian or gluten free lifestyle.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water during the workouts and throughout the day – at least half of your body weight. It will cut down on hunger and keep you hydrated. It’s important.


You will need:

  • Dumbbells or sandbag
  • Pull-up bar or resistance band with door attachment


  • Towel
  • Jump mat

The Workouts

How do you condense a workout into 22 minutes? Remove the warm-up. Would I recommend rolling out of bed on a Monday morning before work and jumping right into a high-intensity workout? Hell no. Which brings me to the explanation of why the workouts aren’t really 22 minutes:

Cold Start (10:24) – An optional warm up that begins with a run in place to get your body warm and your heart pumping. I highly recommend it.

Cardio 1, 2, 3 (22:00) – Fast-paced workouts to get your heart pumping.

Core 1 (9:10) & Core 2 (11:19) – Additional workouts that you can add to the Cardio workouts to speed up / help with results.

Resistance 1, 2, 3 (22:00) – Quick workouts that focus on strength training with little to no rest.

So, in all:

  • if you do the warm up, you’ll be working out for a minimum of 32:24
  • if you add in the optional workouts, you’ll be working out for 41:34 or 43:43

You also get a bonus track: P90X3 “The Warrior” (30:00). And if you order from a Beachbody coach and you’ll get a “Battle Buddy Workout.”

The Trainer

Tony Horton – personal trainer, author, and creator of the famous work out program P90X.

The Results

A lot of people seem to like this program – I read quite a few positive reviews online. I agree that you can definitely expect results if you follow through. But, I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t my cup of tea (if you couldn’t already tell). Yes, you get the tools and training to whip your body into shape. Yes, you can do it with minimal equipment. But I didn’t enjoy it. I pretty much dreaded the workouts, and it hurt – and not in that hurts-so-good way, either. As far as Beachbody workouts are concerned, I’m definitely sticking with Hammer & Chisel and PiYo.

Bottom Line: I wouldn’t recommend this to a friend. But, if you try it and love it – good for you! If you decide it’s not really your thing either, Beachbody offers a 30-day money back guarantee (less s&h).


***I know you know, but I have to say it anyway…always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise, fitness, and/or diet program (especially a high-intensity and physically demanding one).

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