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If you eat dairy-free, vegan, or paleo, it’s often hard to find good-tasting products that fit your lifestyle. Everywhere you turn there are advertisements for ice cream, pizza, yogurt, chocolate, lattes – you name it. Our world doesn’t cater to those with food allergies or dietary restrictions. Sadly, there is only so much dairy we can tolerate before crashing and burning.

When I find treats that are dairy-free and good-for-you, I have to let everyone know. I almost want to take out a billboard saying “TRY THIS!” But I usually just settle for handing out samples of my favorite things. Enter Lovebean Fudge.

Lovebean’s Sea Salt Caramel Spread is, in a word, enchanting. It’s made with organic ingredients and is vegan, paleo, low glycemic, and gluten and soy free. The first three (of five) ingredients are coconut-based: organic pureed coconut, organic coconut sugar, and organic fresh-pressed coconut milk. At first bite the coconut flavor was very prominent, but as I kept eating, it morphed into a rich, heavenly mixture of sweet vanilla, creamy butterscotch, and the perfect touch of sea salt. This was even better than any dairy-based caramel I’ve tried. I want to put it on everything!

The spread comes in a jar ($12.99) and box of 10 squeeze packs ($17.99). I would recommend the jar for baking and recipes and the squeeze packs for on-the-go anytime fun. You can also purchase a sampler six pack ($12.00) to try three of the flavors before committing to a full jar. FYI, it’s totally okay to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon – I won’t judge!

Lovebean’s spread is a dream come true for us lactose-free peeps! Melt it, mold it, bake it, spread it, or pour it on top of your favorite dairy-free ice cream. The possibilities are endless.

For more information and to learn about all of Lovebean’s products, visit lovebeanfudge.com. While you’re there, be sure to check out the fun recipes from other customers.

Happy Snacking! 

DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored, in part, by Lovebean. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Diary of a Snacker successful. All opinions are my own.

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