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How much would you pay for a high-quality, organic smoothie? I usually cringe when visiting my local diner and have to fork over $5.99 for a small berry blend. A once-in-a-while treat is okay, but if I were to have one everyday it would cost about $40 a week, which ends up being over $2,000 a year. Ouch! That’s money that could be saved or better spent elsewhere.

Daily Harvest is a smoothie service that delivers fresh super-food blends right to your door. Smoothies come in pre-portioned packages and you don’t have to do any prep. Just add the contents with milk or water to the blender, blend on high for 30 seconds, and enjoy. It’s that easy.

There are 14 different flavor blends for every taste. All ingredients are picked at peak season and flash frozen to retain nutrients. I was most excited about the Cacao+Avocado Power Smoothie and ColdBrew+Almond Energizer Smoothie.

Pick Your Plan

The subscription is very flexible and there is no commitment – skip a week or cancel any time.

  • 6 smoothies per week – $7.99 per smoothie
  • 12 smoothies per week – $7.49 per smoothie
  • 24 smoothies per month – $6.99 per smoothie

Refer a Friend

The company has a pretty sweet referral system: for every friend that joins through your unique link, you (and said friend) get two free smoothies applied to your next shipment. You can track your referral history right on the website.

The Blends

Cacao+Avocado (Power)

Ingredients: zucchini, avocado, raw pumpkin seed, date, cacao, coconut oil, pea protein, vanilla bean, pink Himalayan sea salt.

Review: I was super excited to try this one, but was quickly disappointed. I needed about two times as much milk to blend it and even after blending for two minutes, the drink was anything but smooth. With all of the extra liquid, the smoothie didn’t fit back into the cup provided (not a big deal, but worth mentioning). The pumpkin seeds made it very gritty and hard to drink. The taste was just okay – I can’t really say it tasted like the advertised “chocolate pudding.” I ended up putting a little sweetener in it, because otherwise I would have poured it right down the drain. Definitely not my cup of tea. But, on the bright side, it did keep me full for hours.

Cold Brew+Almond (Energizer)

Ingredients: cold brew coffee, raw almond, banana, cacao, coconut oil, green coffee beans, vanilla bean, pink Himalayan sea salt.

Review: What can I say? It was difficult to blend – I added almond milk and extra cold brew – and it was still “chunky” after two minutes of blending. I tasted, added a bit of sweetener, and tasted again. Blech. Brought it to work, was able to force about 1/4 of it down and then gave up. The banana was so overpowering and didn’t sit well in my stomach. If you have to force yourself to eat or drink something that doesn’t really agree with you – just don’t.

Strawberry+Peach (Reviver)

Ingredients: strawberry, banana, peach, raspberry, goji berri, oats, flax.

Review: I thought I would throw this one in for good measure – it was really yummy. Refreshing and just sweet enough. I blended it with strawberry sparkling water for two minutes and it was perfectly smooth. It kept me full for about four hours. I like the addition of the oats. Simple ingredients and an easy DIY.

First order came with these magnets!

Bottom Line

It was nice to try, but I won’t be continuing the service.

I’m not cheap, but I do love a good deal (but, then again, who doesn’t!?). I have to admit that when I saw these prices, my first reaction was “hell no.” But, with a little research I found a 50% off coupon to use on the first order, which made it doable.

There is no way I could justify or even advocate for spending even the lowest price of $167.76 for 24 smoothies a month. The thought actually hurts. Yes – it saves time and makes busy mornings a little easier. But that is really the only benefit I can see. And to me, the drawback of the price outweighs everything else.

You could easily factor smoothie prep into your weekly meal prepping. Just chop up your fruits, veggies, and extras and seal them in small individual plastic freezer bags. You will be good to go in the mornings for a fraction of the price. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind the 30 extra minutes it takes to slice and dice some bananas and strawberries if it could save me over $40 per week!

If you want to check it out for yourself, visit It doesn’t hurt to try anything once. 🙂





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