Get snacking!


Austin Banach, Culinary-Trained Private Chef and Independent Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle Coach, is here to talk about all things snacking (my favorite subject!). And who would know better than a professional? See what Austin has to say about finding healthy snacks, avoiding office vending machines, and looking at snacking in a whole new light. Enjoy!

You can’t out exercise a bad diet. I sneer at this saying – because it’s right. I love snacking. I used to say to myself, “its ok if I eat this (insert sweet or salty snack of choice here), I’ll just do 10 extra pushups tomorrow.” Well, that didn’t work out very well!

I learned a couple things along the way:

  1. The word “snacking,” alone, is getting a bad rap these days.
  2. Healthier snacks can actually improve your overall energy, health, and nutrition.

I recently created a poll on Facebook and asked my friends to call-out the first things that came to mind when they thought about the word “snack.” Most of the answers included pizza, cake, cookies, Cheez -Its, Goldfish Crackers, and other salty, decedent, or seemingly guilty pleasures. I only saw three healthier options: carrots (with no cake at the end), mangos, and castor oil (uhhh..ok).

But, what if instead of the word “snack,” we retrained our minds to use the word “energy”? Would it then be possible to think: “Man, if I eat this, I can do 10 fewer pushups tomorrow”?

Now I know what you are thinking: “Healthy snacks aren’t as fun or enjoyable.” Just as I would never completely give up a cookie, cracker, or piece of cake every once in a while, I wouldn’t expect anyone else to stop snacking. That’s just absurd!

Let’s face it, we can’t get rid of snacking, we just need to rethink the choices. It is a known fact that most humans can’t go 4-5 hours at a time without a snack or meal because our bodies start to fatigue and crash. Boost it up with a trifecta of nutrients to keep you going even when the toughest slump or temptation hits!

Fail to plan and plan to fail.

It’s true. You’ll need to make an effort to pack these snacks ahead of time because there’s a slim chance that your office or break room will have a big plate of carrots and hummus or a smoothie fountain (at least not where I work). I know that when I’m stranded with a growling tummy and no back-up plan, I’ll eat the first treat in sight. I always put aside an extra 15 minutes or so in the morning to get a few snacks ready for the day ahead of me. When the snacking alert goes off in my body, I’m super pumped that I took the time to prepare for it!

Give any of these a try and see what happens to your mood and energy:

  1. Trail mix (avoid sugar if possible), dried fruit, nuts, seeds
  2. Fruits or vegetables with almond butter (Ants on a Log – that’s fun, right?)
  3. Protein bars – there are a lot of good ones to choose from, just watch the added sugar
  4. Fruit!
  5. Greek yogurt (with nuts, honey, fruit)
  6. Avocado
  7. Smoothies

You can’t out exercise a bad diet, but your body can make that exercise easier with a good diet.

This post was written by Austin Banach. For more information, tips, or to sign up for health coaching, visit

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