Bottoms up!

A couple of weeks ago I brought an assortment of drinking vinegars and a handful of shot glasses over to my mom’s house and a few of us did rounds of tasting. It was definitely different, but we had a lot of fun finding our favorites and imagining what foods we could pair with them.

I first heard of vinegar shots a couple of years ago while attending a garlic festival. I was skeptical at first, but, to my surprise, they were quite good.

Recently I stumbled upon a delicious group of drinking vinegars or “shrubs” produced by Detroit-based company, McClary Bros. The genius behind this creative company, Jess McClary originally started a home-based bakery that sold goods made with locally sourced produce, but then decided to make healthier products that incorporated many of the same herbs, fruits, and veggies.

That’s when McClary Bros. – the company named for her twin boys Jack and Ben – was born. McClary Bros. has since been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and in Midwest Living and Cooking Light.

What exactly is a McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegar?

A combination of organic, unpasteurized ACV (apple cider vinegar) mingled with fresh ingredients and organic cane sugar. Each sip is a delightful punch of flavor.

My Favorites

Lemon & Ginger – It’s sweet, tangy, and delicious. Think of it as a spiced lemonade! This would go great with a little seltzer water and a slice of lemon.

Michigan Beet & Carrot – Reminds me of the pickled beets my great-granny used to serve for dinner. Perfectly sweet, sour, and fun! Would pair perfectly with a little EVOO and some arugula.

Michigan Saskatoon – Sweet and summery. Makes a nice, refreshing cocktail! Just pour in over frozen dark cherries and top off with La Croix sparkling water – berry bliss in a cup.

Michigan Saskatoon with frozen dark cherries and a splash of fizz! 

Mix ’em up

Don’t like the thought of drinking vinegar straight from the bottle? No problem! These taste great in sauces, salad dressings, and even cocktails. Check out the website for culinary and cocktail & craft soda recipes. So much fun!

Prices are very affordable, but vary – visit the site for details. While you’re there, check out the cool gifts and extras in the online store including ice ball molds and t-shirts.


DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by McClary Bros. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Diary of a Snacker successful. All opinions are my own.

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