My C25K Journey – Week 1


In theory, running is a good idea. You see all these super fit people jogging on the side of the road with their tech gear and smiling faces. For a moment, you believe that you can be just like them. So you go out and buy a nice pair of running shoes, a few flashy outfits, an armband for your phone, wireless headphones, a Flipbelt, and about ten more things you think you need (but obviously do not). And, that’s really where the journey usually ends.

I’ve tried to do Couch to 5K (C25K) multiple times and always ended with downloading the app. Okay, and maybe changing the color scheme.

I am not a runner. I was on the track team in high school, but I wasn’t fit, and I didn’t apply myself. At the time, it seemed better than the alternative: walking over 2 miles in the snow or sweltering heat through some not so great areas, just to get home after school. I didn’t enjoy it.

Last week I decided it was time to challenge myself and complete C25K (for real this time). Instead of getting fancy, I did my first run on Labor Day morning in a mismatched tank and shorts with my everyday sneakers, sans armband. Gasp.

You know what? It wasn’t so bad.

30 minutes a day, 3 times a week, 8 weeks total

Week 1 Routine

Start with a 5-minute warmup, then alternate 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking for eight rounds, and finally savor a 5-minute cooldown.

Last week I ran Monday, Saturday, and Sunday. I had planned to spread the workouts throughout the week, including possible lunch hour runs, but the weather wasn’t in my favor. It all worked out, and I was able to run my heart out around my apartment complex.


I love the C25K app because it gives you countdowns, shows your remaining time, and allows you to pause your workout (in case you run into anything cool – like a deer or super sweet gray kitty) during your run. You can also share your progress on social media. And, if you go for the Pro version, you can track your calories and distance traveled. I skipped this option because my Fitbit already does that and more.

Overall it was a good first week – only seven more to go!

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