For tea lovers only


Ahh…tea. It’s been so popularized in the media these days. Everyone wants (to know) the tea, but I just want to drink it.

Seriously, though, tea is so comforting. It’s a warm blanket on a chilly day. It’s a hug in a mug when you need one. It’s also a refreshing thirst-quencher when served over ice in the summer.

Most days I feel like I run on the stuff, so when I learned about Sips by, a subscription box company just for tea lovers, I had to try it.

How does it work?


To start, just take a quiz to find your individual tea profile. Do you like caffeinated or decaf? Loose or bagged? Flavored or unflavored? Then, you’re on your way to getting a personalized package of tea delivered right to your door.

For $15 a month, you’ll get four unique teas from over 100 global brands in each box, enough for 15+ servings. If you re-steep (use the same tea bag multiple times), you’ll get more bang for your buck. That’s just not really my jam – I love a strong cuppa. But still, $1 per cup beats anything you’ll grab from a fancy shop on the go.

Whether you only want to commit to one month at a time or go all out and pre-order 12 at once, there’s a subscription for you. Plus, you can refer friends and earn cash towards your next box. And don’t forget to connect with Sips by on social media for chances to win free boxes!

The July Box

This box came with cinnamon rose, earl grey, matcha with toasted rice, and fruit punch flavored tea. Each had very rich, crisp, and delicious flavor profiles – so different. Loose teas were accompanied by individual disposable satchels. The card that came with the box (see below) included steeping instructions and ingredients for each of the teas, plus discount codes for future orders. A very a nice touch.


The bottom line: The Sips by Box is a nice way to treat yourself each month. It’s affordable, fun, and lets you sample a wide variety of teas without committing to a whole package. If you love tea, give it a try! It makes a great gift too.


*This post is not sponsored by Sips by Box and I am not affiliated with the company in any way. I also do not receive any compensation from any of the links included above. I just really, really love tea. All opinions are my own.

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