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Like many, I have a full-time desk job, which means that there’s never a shortage of indulgences around the office. The back table of our department is currently home to a bag of super tempting black and red berry gummies and a chocolate mousse birthday cake. One of the shared kitchens in our building has four vending machines filled with soda and sweets, and the counters are always lined with leftover treats and fundraising candy. None of this is good for the waistline – especially when you sit for most of the day. Yikes!


I’m always searching for healthy snacks I can keep in my drawer for when hunger strikes. For me, that feels like ALL. THE. TIME. And with all these temptations around, it’s no wonder! The problem with a lot of shelf-stable snacks is that they’re packed with high fructose corn syrup and manufactured ingredients. Even the ones labeled healthy have all kinds of preservatives, artificial sugars, and a host of words you can’t even begin to pronounce. It can be really frustrating to find something good.

Enter Split

A few weeks ago, I happened to stumble upon a company that fits the bill. Split’s mission is “to create simple snacks with real foods; to energize, satisfy, and spread smiles everywhere.” And they’re doing just that with their nut butter/fruit spread combo packets that are perfectly reminiscent of the old school pb&j. The big difference? Well, no need to worry about your fragile sandwich getting smooshed in your bag; with Split, you can take it anywhere and eat straight from the packet! No bread required. Talk about convenience.

Perfect for on-the-go – especially at work!

Each pack includes a nut butter (just nuts) and a fruit spread (fruit, sugar, and pectin.) Four simple ingredients you can easily pronounce; no preservatives, gluten, palm oil, or anything genetically modified. Flavors include yummy pairs such as almond butter with raspberry spread, traditional peanut butter with grape jelly, and my favorite cashew butter with sour cherry spread.

Work out? Grab a Split packet for pre-workout fuel!

It’s Super Easy Too

Split is the perfect addition to any lunch box, desk drawer, or purse – you can literally take the packets anywhere. To eat, just fold in half, knead a little, tear at the top, and squeeze on toast, graham crackers, apples, or straight into your mouth! (No judgement on that last one; it’s actually encouraged.)

Makes a nice addition to oatmeal when you have time for a sit-down breakfast.

Get 10 packs for $24.95 or subscribe and save 10%. New customers also receive 20% of their first order, and everyone gets free shipping on two or more boxes. Visit splitnutrition.com to learn more and place your order.

The Bottom Line: The combos are fun, affordable, yummy, super easy to take on the go – just throw a pack or two right in your bag.

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