Crazy for crime fiction? This book’s for you.

Title: Such a Perfect Wife
Author: Kate White
Genre: Crime Fiction
DS Rating: 4/5

Reading is hands-down my favorite hobby. I’ll read almost anything, but I devour crime fiction like it’s my job; probably even more than a bored housewife goes through drugstore romances.

Even so, this genre’s a tough sell for me. Many of the stories have a blatantly obvious plot, thoughtless ending, or dreadful (not in a good way) middle. Few have left me satisfied or kept me coming back to the same author.

Kate White’s books are different. Just when you think you’ve solved the puzzle, there’s another plot twist. And sometimes the killer is hiding in plain sight – like in Such a Perfect Wife.


The story opens with a missing person case that quickly turns into a murder investigation. A beautiful mother of two – the perfect wife – vanishes during one of her morning runs in her hometown of Lake George, NY. When she’s found dead, fingers point to several supporting characters – the friendly deacon, the distant sister, the voyeur motel owner, the evasive brother-in-law, and the doting husband. They say it’s usually the husband, right?

The protagonist, Bailey Weggins, is an investigative reporter from the Big Apple who befriends a local journalist on her quest for the truth. Together they stumble over several discoveries, which put them in danger and leads Bailey right into the clutches of the killer.

It will by no means become a classic, but it would make a pretty awesome movie!

The Bottom Line: If you’re in the mood for a good whodunnit, grab this or any one of Kate White’s books and settle down for the night. Her writing will keep you on your toes. Nice read!

*This post is purely a review of Such a Perfect Wife. It is not sponsored by the author and I am not affiliated with her in any way. I also will not receive any compensation from the link included above; I just enjoyed the book.

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