Hi, All & Welcome to Diary of a Snacker!

I’m Kristin, a writer, daydreamer, and a girl who just loves to get her snack on.

It all started about 20 years ago with a bowl of fried Ramen noodles. Back when I thought I tasted a little bit of Heaven and would beg my mom to make me a bowl at every chance I got.

As I’ve grown, so have my tastes for more…umm…sophisticated food. While Ramen will forever hold a dear spot in my heart, I really can’t overlook the fact that it’s laden in sodium and, if you think about it, really tastes like seasoned cardboard.

Anyway, in the years since I’ve graduated from college, I’ve had so many great (and a smattering of not-so-great) cooking experiences. The first time I cooked bacon, I set the pan on fire. FYI – do NOT throw water on a grease fire!

I’ve lived and learned a few things here and there and I want to share them with you so that you don’t make the same mistakes! Think of me like an older, wiser sister – not as condescending as your mother, but with a little more knowledge than you might have.

What you’ll find here are a collection of my fully uncensored (sorry – if you’re easily offended walk, no – run away fast!), written as if I were writing in my own personal diary. A collection of my favorite recipes and ones I’ve created, how-to posts, product and program reviews, baking tips, little snippets of this and that, and so much more.

Every week will bring something new and exciting to the table. But, rest assured, everything will be related to anything food, fitness, travel, or good health. You’ll get the straight-up commentary without the BS.

So, welcome. And please enjoy all that this site has to offer.

Happy Snacking!




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