Let’s work together

Diary of a Snacker is dedicated to providing recipes, tips, and product reviews to its readers. A strong focus is put on all things good health, but with the premise that you should reward yourself with a treat every so often. (No one eats clean 100% of the time!) You will see that healthy meals and snacks still taste good – most times better than the artificial crap you find in the center of the supermarket.

My quickly growing audience stretches across six continents, with the majority residing in the United States and Canada.

If you think your brand and product is a good fit for Diary of a Snacker’s readers, I would love to work with you! Diary of a Snacker can create a custom recipe or promote your product here and on social media. Note that I only promote products that I use and all of my reviews are completely honest and fair. For more information and to work with me, email diaryofasnacker@gmail.com.