Green Goodness Breakfast Scramble

20180106_2110491685339006.pngToday I’m wrapping up week one of the 21-Day Sugar Detox. You know, it hasn’t been that bad. I thought I’d miss Dunkin’ on Saturday or my usual chocolate chip pancakes or waffles a la mode on Sunday – but I don’t.

Fueling my body with the good stuff first thing helps keep me full and satisfied throughout the day – when I’d otherwise be snacking.

There aren’t too many “traditional” breakfast foods that I can actually eat during this detox. Oatmeal, Shakeology, and those sweets mentioned above are all out. And let’s be real, eggs can get boring very quickly.

So, today I decided to spice things up with Paleo Powder Seasoning – my go-to all-purpose blend. This recipe calls for TWO cups of veggies and is literally green yumminess on a plate.

Fuel your body and your day with this tasty scramble – 21-Day Sugar Detox & Whole30 complaint!screenshot_20180106-2134301787473139.jpg


Eat hole foods


I debated whether or not to try The Dough Bar’s protein-packed doughnuts for far too long. They look delicious with all of the yummy toppings and flavor combinations, they’re a healthy alternative to my favorite Dunkin’ glazed, and there are only 150 calories and 16 carbs per (plain) doughnut. So, why the wait? Well, I just couldn’t be sure that they would taste as good as they looked.

The problem with “healthy alternatives” is that there are plenty of phonies out there. You know the food that claims to be healthy and good tasting, but really just resembles sugared cardboard? I didn’t want to waste my time or money on any more of that. But, I figured, if I didn’t like them, I would just leave a scathing review and be on my way – JUST KIDDING!

I can honestly tell you that when you try The Dough Bar’s doughnuts, you won’t be disappointed. At all. They were so good that I wanted to cry tears of joy. I finally found a good one!

The texture is similar to a moist cake doughnut – like something I’ve made in my Babycakes donut maker, not like the apple cider cake doughnuts you can find practically everywhere in the fall. They have a hint of vanilla and cinnamon (even though that’s not one of the ingredients – hmmm) and aren’t overwhelmingly sweet. They definitely don’t taste like cardboard.

Gimme all the doughnuts!

The Dough Bar designed their doughnuts to be eaten every day – you don’t have to, of course, but why wouldn’t you want to?

Froot Loops, PB Puppy Chow, and Carrot Cake are just some of the creative flavor combos. I’m ordering Froot Loops next because it comes with double the glaze and the classic cereal definitely takes me back to my childhood. (Did I mention double the glaze?)



This is literally an everything doughnut!

If you aren’t very adventurous (or you prefer to make your own glaze and toppings), you can purchase a 4 or 8-pack of plain doughnuts.

I see a plain doughnut sliced in half with almond butter and banana topped with cacao nibs in my future! That would be a serious enhancement of my typical Tuesday night snack.

A new variety of the month 8-pack appears every month, so be on the lookout!

What’s included?

When you order a standard 4-pack (not plain), you get four individually wrapped plain doughnuts with their doughnut holes, four cups of glaze, and four cups of toppings. The fun is in how you decorate them. Check out Instagram for ideas.


JunkBanter Pack

I really couldn’t decide which flavor I wanted to try first, so I went with the JunkBanter Pack because it included four different ones: Cinnamon Glaze & Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Cookie Butter Glaze & Crushed Oreos and Chips Ahoy, Nutella Glaze & Kit Kat Crumbles, and Reese’s PB Glaze & Mini PB Cups. Plus, a portion of each sale was donated to the National MS Society. Double win!


I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

The bottom line: I would recommend these to a friend. The doughnuts taste great, and they make a nice “cheat” treat. The only downside is the shipping cost – $9.00 for those of us on the East Coast. Ouch! But, I’ll allow it every so often. While the company only ships out each Monday, you do get your items quickly after.

Happy Snacking!


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by The Dough Bar. All opinions are my own.

Shake it up!

Do you know how hard it is to find a dairy-free protein shake that actually tastes good? It was like looking for a unicorn…until now. Vega protein is certified vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, and just as the name suggests – completely plant-based and devoid of dairy. This stuff is liquid gold (especially for us lactose intolerant peeps!).

Vega Protein & Greens (prices vary by size)

Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Berry, Tropical, Natural, Coconut Almond.

This protein is so versatile – use it to make a morning shake, smoothie bowl, overnight oats, waffles, and more. Check out Vega’s Recipe Center for a mountain of ideas.

It has 20 grams of protein, a whopping 2 servings of veggies (including kale, spinach, and broccoli), and is only 110 calories. It’s literally a salad in a glass – except, it tastes like dessert. It’s a great way to get those veggies in.


This one is my favorite from the product line. The mild vanilla flavor makes it a great base for seasonal shakes such as a fresh berry smoothie in the summer and a pumpkin spice one in the fall. I prefer to drink the shake blended with either almond or coconut milk because it’s so smooth and creamy.


This one is great for desserts and baking. Of course I love drinking my chocolate salad, but it also functions as a good cocoa powder for chocolate recipes such as protein power balls and mug cakes. Yum!

At about $1.50 per serving, you can’t go wrong. It’s probably the cheapest you’ll pay for a healthy breakfast.

Vega One Starter Bundle ($14.99)

A shake for each day of the week – how cool is that? Try them all and find your favorites before committing to an entire container. Test the shakes for an entire week to see how your body feels after drinking them. That’s a great price for a week’s worth of breakfasts, if you ask me.

And if you want more than just a shake, there is a super awesome recipe for Chocolate Donuts on the site – what!

Vega Sport Starter Bundle ($19.99)

This package includes singles of: Pre-Workout Energizer in Lemon Lime & Acai Berry, Endurance Gel in Raspberry & Orange Zest, Electrolyte Hydrator in Lemon Lime & Berry, Recovery Accelerator in Tropical & Apple Berry, Performance Protein Singles in Chocolate, Berry, and Vanilla, and Protein Bars in Chocolate Coconut (2) and Chocolate Peanut Butter (2).

It is well worth the small investment to find products that you can add right into your daily routine. If you’re really active, this might be a good bundle for you. I’ve gotten into the habit of working out 1-2 times a day and definitely noticed a change with the Pre-Workout Energizer. It gave me the boost I needed to power through my 5am workout! I also fell in love with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars and Berry Performance Protein – they both kept me full and satisfied for hours.

Vega offers many other products, such as smoothies, protein powders, snack bars, and vitamins. For more information or to make a purchase, visit


DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Vega. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Diary of a Snacker successful. All opinions are my own.