I’d never do another Whole30 again!

Whole30 gets a lot of press – good or bad, it’s still attention. Last year I completed my first and only Whole30. After a month without dairy, grains, legumes (including my beloved peanut butter), sugar, alcohol, daily superfood shake, and baked goods, I felt accomplished and proud of myself for completing such a huge feat.... Continue Reading →

No bones about it

At first mention, the name “bone broth” sounds a little chilling and gruesome – it’s everything but. Remember when your grandma used to simmer an entire ham bone to make a pot of split pea soup? It’s all about the flavor and, in this case, the healing properties. Did you know that bone broth can... Continue Reading →

Lesson learned

Three years ago I thought I was dying. It was late September 2013 and I was lying in bed feeling so cold, but somehow sweating bullets. Nothing could stop me from shaking. My fever was pushing 104° and I had terrible pains in my lower back - like someone had repeatedly kicked me. I was... Continue Reading →

Let’s get wild!

I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to trying new foods that claim to be both healthy and great tasting. My taste buds get fooled a lot. I once tried a meatless jerky, which literally looked like a coffee-stained paper towel. How did it taste? Just wrong. You won't find any of that weirdness with Wild... Continue Reading →

Whole30: Whole Review

It was hard, but not impossible. The Basics The premise of the program is to eat clean, whole foods for 30 days. But, of course, that’s just the first layer of a very well thought out program. Eat three meals a day, large and nutritious enough to keep you full until your next meal. Don't... Continue Reading →

You copycat!

Larabars are one of my favorite snacks, but the ones I like (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip) are not Whole30 approved. I thought about making my own, subbing cashews for the peanuts  and leaving out the chocolate chips. Then I found out there is already a Larabar for that - Cashew Cookie. I eagerly tried it,... Continue Reading →

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